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kolhapur information
Welcome to Kolhapur Here you will find A to Z information about Kolhapur.
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:: Kolhapur ::

The land of magnificent temples...this is the town of Kolhapur, the religious pride of Maharashtra. Nestled in the tranquil laps of the Sahyadri mountain ranges, it is situated on the verge of the river Panchganga. Surrounded by rivers from all directions with Krishna Ganiki to the east, Shiva and Mayuri to the west, Veda and Yaksha to the south and to the north, Krishna and Warana, this part of terra firma houses a plethora of fascinating temples. It is believed to be a milk-rich area and the hill-side weather conditions are believed to be beneficial for bodybuilders. Winters are mild and misty and the people remain enthusiastic. Also termed as a city of palaces and gardens, it is a historic Maratha city, with the Mahalakshmi temple forming the focus.
Kolhapur was an imperative Buddhist base during 3rd century BC. There's evidence to prove the same. Even today this place is termed as Dakshin Kashi and is believed to be 108 kalpas old (1 kalpa = 100 years). Also called Karveer, a very rich and glamourous town once, it was turned entirely into shambles in the 8th and the 9th century; the cause... earthquakes. Later, the Rashtrakoot kings thought of bringing back the town to life and developing it to form an important city.

That they did, and the city got a new face in the 12th century. It was then declared as the capital of the King Sheeldatta. 1945 witnessed certain archaeological excavations near a hill in Kolhapur.

And there was a discovery... Remains of a prehistoric town that supposedly belonged to the Roman Era. Kolhapur was the main target of the Mughal forces. Demolition and rejuvenation was surprising no more. The early 19th century was a spectator to the rise of the British control over the Marathas. Rigorous attacks lead to agitation of the Kolhapur troops in 1857. The British regime saw the coronation of Shri Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj as the King of Kolhapur in 1894. The land became a part of India in 1947. Prior to this, it was a province, that ranged from the Western Ghats to the Deccan Plains, and was under the rulers called the Marathas. The land later turned into a major avenue of outdoor sports, hunting being a key hit in those times.
Shahu Maharaj was a great ruler, who took immense pains to identify the sufferings of his subjects, unlike the other princes of his time. He took to developing the land and its people. A princely state that it was during the British rule, it still has palaces, gardens and monuments displaying the Indo-British architecture.

As the world is growing fast, We as kolhapur people should try to move ahead with technological grwoth, industrial expansions as well has tourism improvement. As lots of foreigners are migrating to our country for tourism, education, business etc. it is our duty to bring them to our city, showing them the advantages of plantation of business here. As we have already established MIDC like Shiroli, Gokul Shirgaon, Shivaji Udyamnagar. This is the right time for kolhapur branding, we need to bring kolhapur as a different identity apart from only tourism point of view.

By using various technologies like internet, wi-fi, CC tv's, Video Conferencing, etc. we can get our various strengths to the outer world. We can get collborated with the world known companies, we can bring them here. We can provide them land, infrastructure, man power.

As the tourism part we should try to enhance our explanations about the information about various plances in kolhapur. we should give them a full and real information. So that they can understand the culture and people very well.

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